Archive | August, 2009

Automating Telcordia Granite with SASI

I found this LightReading article a few days ago, about a product that enables better automation of tasks that are usually GUI-driven in Granite. Sincera, a Granite ‘boutique’ system integrator, has shipped their SASI (Simple Automated Service Interface) product to Time Warner Cable. The PR extols the virtues of using the Granite APIs rather than […]

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Edgeware – Enabling Next-Next-Gen OSS

"Edgeware: Application managing a layer of APIs and services which allow third-parties to interact with communication service providers business and operations support systems. A key infrastructure element for enabling the Telco 2.0 business model." Sounds convincing, but what exactly is it? Yet to be determined…

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What Will Your Product Do When It Grows Up?

There comes a time in every product's life when a difficult decision must be made: What will it do for a living? Having been conceived out of one of your recent telco projects, your new database/automation/integration/whatever solution is coming of age. It's been productized and recently v1.0 has been successfully deployed at a second tier-2 […]

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