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CommBat Christmas Party

Last night was par-tay-time at the inaugural CommBat Christmas shin-dig. CommBat is an informal group comprising communication professionals living/working in and around Bath (get it? COMMunications BATh?). Conceived by Richard Mishra and Peter Briscoe a couple of months ago, it’s got a LinkedIn presence to go with the clever name. I must admit I was […]

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UK Telco Stagnant in 2008

The perfect story for a damp gray December day. UK regulator OFCOM has published their Communications Market Report 2009, putting everyone in a terribly bad mood by pointing out that, for the first time since they started collecting statistics in 1992, the industry experienced virtually zero annual growth. This is, I guess, no great surprise […]

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Tribold 4 – Newer! Customer Focused-er!

News coming out of TMW Americas where I am, sadly, not this year. J E Pullen Limited’s budget wouldn’t stretch to a jolly in Orlando. But those guys from Tribold are out there, bigging up their products and announcing Tribold 4 (TM. Mustn’t forget the TM). I was somewhat shocked to read the lead paragraph […]

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