Amdocs Product Catalog Win at Telenet

People are buying product catalogs! Belgium’s Telenet has purchased Amdocs Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC).  The solution fits with EPC’s core value proposition: Replace all the disparate databases and catalogs throughout the organization to provide a single view of what’s being sold.

Consolidation is step one. You then need a business process that maintains and uses a single view of products, and you would also benefit from some sort of integration that pushes product specs out to order management, fulfillment, billing and so on.

EPC can be deployed on its own to handle the data side of consolidation, either replacing existing systems or reading/updating remaining legacy catalogs. It’s a quick win as, in most cases, legacy product catalog data sources are not tightly coupled to service fulfillment automation.

EPC is one of those products that straddles OSS and BSS. Naturally much product data ‘belongs’ to the BSS tier, but EPC is also integrated with Amdocs Cramer OSS to allow service specifications to be implemented by inventory design and assign processes.

Press release is here.

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