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New (Management) World Order (2010)

After a successful re-working of the Forumville space last year, the TM Forum architects have gone all-out for a re-structuring of Management World Nice this year. above. The Acropolis in Nice. Home of Management World. Bigger Than it Looks From Here… Click to View For as long as I can remember there was a slightly […]

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Ontology Win at Telenor Denmark

Ontology Systems have secured a deal with Telenor Denmark to deploy their OSS/CAD product to provide a joined-up view of Telenor’s customer, service, network and infrastructure data. If you don’t know Ontology, they have clever stuff that can discover the relationships between data in multiple sources, bring it all together and present it to users […]

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Aria Networks Capacity Planner

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me at my day (and frequently evening) job with Aria Networks. First, there’s the seasonal increase in work-load for TMW Nice (next month!!!), and then there’s press and marketing stuff for our new product launch… Yesterday, Aria announced their new Capacity Planner product. I’ll try to describe […]

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) are not sufficiently unique. Only today there was confusion over WCF (Windows Communication Framework or Worst Case Failure?). Then there’s COM (Common Object Model or Cramer Object Model?), OSS (Open Source Software or Operational Support Systems), ATM (Automatic Teller Machine or Asynchronous Transfer Mode?), STD […]

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