Ontology Win at Telenor Denmark

Ontology Systems have secured a deal with Telenor Denmark to deploy their OSS/CAD product to provide a joined-up view of Telenor’s customer, service, network and infrastructure data.

If you don’t know Ontology, they have clever stuff that can discover the relationships between data in multiple sources, bring it all together and present it to users in a unified interface. Judging by the demos at TMW 2009, the interface is pretty nice too.

Ontology say that OSS/CAD was:

“implemented in a matter of weeks, without a big bang project, and is now doing in seconds what previously took a large team of planning and customer service staff, in some instances, over a week to complete.”

That is, after all, their unique selling point. Quick integration of data, making the data available to do… whatever the operator has in mind for the data. Ontology don’t offer OSS products in the strict sense of the word because OSS/CAD does not support any specific operational activity at a telco. Instead it offers a clean, complete, OSS-ready view of the data – which is critical for any successful OSS/BSS system.

The operational process Telenor runs on top of Ontology’s joined-up-data is service impact analysis. If equipment fails, or is going down for maintenance, OSS/CAD can establish the impacted customers by joining the dots between network infrastructure, transmission and IP layers, and the customer service records.

More here, in Ontology’s Telenor PR.

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