Management World – The View From The Booth

One short flight became thirteen hours and five trains, but I made it to Nice. Late, but just in time to get my exhibition booth built. Other than running around in the Cote d’Azur sun trying to find a print shop, most of the first day was spent on the Expo floor. First impressions…

Bits of the Expo are busy.

The new layout, with all the exhibition in one room, feels more inclusive. It does encourage a lot of the traffic to flow through the central ‘corridor’ between the entrance and the sunny terrace. If you stand in the middle of the Expo floor things look pretty busy, but it’s really a density thing. So far, numbers feel like they are down a bit on last year. We’ll see; Traditionally Wednesday sees more Expo foot-fall.

above. Tony the Aria ‘booth bunny’, Management World 2010

Proper booth bunnies in abundance.

More professional hosts and hostesses this year. Do we really need blonds serving us Champagne to get us to the vendor’s stand. Um… Seems so. But I’d rather meet a proper telco/software guy like Tony any day.

Forumville changes again.

I commented on the re-arranged Forumville last year. With the move to get all of the Expo on one floor it was inevitable that Forumville would move again. It’s been compacted to one side of the foyer on the second floor. The result is a higher profile, and an attractive layout. Some complaints from the catalyst teams that its a bit too dense, considering all the demos going on, and they’re in direct sun light! You can’t please everyone…

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