Top-10 People in OSS, Telco and Tech to Follow in 2011

It’s the end of 2010, and legally all bloggers must post a top-10 list.

Rather than a run-down of the news, I want to pick out a few of the guys you should be following in the OSS software, technology and tech business. These are some of the small band of people in our industry embracing social media; Follow them and learn from them…

In no particular order, these are all Twitters unless otherwise linked:

@Celonamigrate and Tony Sceales at the Celona Blog. One of the early adopters of blogging and social media in OSS, Tony can be found on the company blog as well as contributing to community sites such as TMF Forums.

Billing and OSS World blogs. While these can come across as a little corporate they are still a great collection of insights from guest bloggers. Find out what the industry is selling you this year…

@Telesperience @Teresacottam and @Darranclem have had a great 2010, firmly establishing themselves in the OSS analyst constellation. Big tweeters, bloggers, podcasters and recently added a Wiki to their social media portfolio.

@Arianetworks. Ok, full disclosure: This is my other blog, shared with the Aria exec team. Check it out for a new look at OSS analytics, planning and optimisation.

@Brisbourne has been blogging and Tweeting for ages on the trends and changes in venture capital, with a big emphasis on technology business. You should care because this has a direct influence on innovation and growth in the OSS industry.

@Amdocsinc, @Givoly et al. First of the big boys (and girls) to really go-for-it social-wise. And after that slightly uncomfortable start they now have genuine, open network that engages their customers and staff.

For prolific tweeting on the telco industry, with a mobile slant, check out @Joeweinman. Ex-of AT&T and big on the speaking circuit, his dry wit makes the dullest subjects palatable. A rare talent.

The only guy you need to know if you’re working with Oracle databases is Tom Kyte. Answering your questions for many years, his Ask Tom page probably has answers to any question you might have, and his Oracle books have to be the first thing you read before designing any back-end system.

For some great wrap-ups of the latest telco and OSS news the Telco 2.0 guys do a great job of sorting the news from the PR.

Martin Geddes hasn’t blogged much lately but you can still follow his views on telco and IT on @Martingeddes, and there’s a promise of an all new blog coming soon in 2011.