NetBoss Acquires Sidonis

News from Management World Americas last week: NetBoss has completed acquisition of Sidonis, the start-up doing clever stuff in service assurance.

Sidonis are a small team (I could count them on my fingers) based in Bath, UK, who have developed something that NetBoss, and many other SA players, lack. Most SA solutions focus on collecting, filtering and prioritising network alarms, which is nice but only half the information that network ops need. It says here:

"Sidonis technologies include the industries most advanced software applications for determining both the impact on services and the root cause of failures in large, complex networks spanning multiple technology domains."

In the past many SA vendors had to integrate with relatively expensive and heavy-weight inventory solutions to 'enrich' alarms with service information or perform topology-aware analysis like root-cause determination. With this acquisition, NetBoss is building out a more complete, stand-alone SA solution with less dependencies on third-parties and reduced cost of integration.

The official word about NetBoss acquiring Sidonis is here.


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