Archive | January, 2012

Comptel Acquires Xtract

More evidence that OSS/BSS vendors and their customers are starting to really appreciate data analytics. Comptel has announced its acquisition of Xtract (here), supplier of analytics products for telco (and retail/banking too). The price paid by Comptel is modest to say the least: 3.1 million Euros paid, for Xtract's last year revenues of 2.4 million […]

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Ericordia/Telicsson – Ericsson Completes Purchase of Telcordia

Back in June, after several month of speculation, news broke that it was Ericsson that intended to buy Telcordia. That deal has now completed, just a few weeks later than expected. Celebratory Ericsson-branded mugs all-round for the Telcordia team. According to the press release, Telcordia was aquired for $1.15billion for annual revenues of $739m. Telcordia […]

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