New OSS Line Stuff! Lists! Social Media!

With the technical platform changes to OSS Line done, I have spent the last few days adding new content. Here’s a quick run-down of what’s new and why it’s here…

OSS Product Vendor Directory

This started as a spreadsheet of companies offering OSS products, requested by a client of mine. I figured you might find it useful too. Over time I will add additional information, social media links etc to flesh-out what is currently a simple list. Here it is.

OSS Event Directory

A list of trade shows that may be of interest to OSS professionals. I hope to extend this to also include on-topic webinars as well.


I resurrected the newsletter subscription, and now have it set-up to auto-send blog updates once a week (on Fridays). It’s a great way to keep up with my infrequent updates! You just need to enter an email address to sign-up here.


I have created a dedicated OSS Line twitter feed (@ossline) where blog updates and posts not quite worthy of a full blogging will appear. So if you’re currently following @jepullen for my OSS updates, please follow @ossline as well.

YouTube Channel

The OSS Line YouTube channel has recently started broadcasting. It aggregates the best OSS videos from vendors, media and analysts. In many cases these videos will also be posted to, but if you prefer you can subscribe to the OSS Line channel to get quicker updates.


There’s still a few things to-do. The big next step is adding content for the current hot topics in OSS. These sections of OSS Line will pull together the best available videos, white-papers and guides from the web and direct contributors on topics such as SDN/NFV and customer experience. The intention is not for me to write all the content (I will contribute), but rather to make it easy for you to find the best information already available from vendors, analysts and the industry media.

I really hope you like the direction I am taking OSS Line. My blog remains an important part of the mix, and from looking at what my most popular posts are it’s clear that learning about OSS technology, products and projects is high on many readers’ priority lists.

Please Contribute!

Have you produced a great video about OSS tech, challenges or success stories? Want to write a blog post about OSS for SDN? Send me the details and I’ll get it featured on OSS Line.