TMFDD 2013 Videos 640x360 Nov2013

TMForum Digital Disruption 2013 Keynote Videos

The TMForum Management World Americas Digital Disruption keynote presentation videos are available to all!

Thanks to TelcoProfessionals for pointing these out, having missed them myself 4 weeks ago…

Nuff’ said. Check the highlights below:

Introduction to Digital Disruption 2013

Tony Poulos does trendy business casual.

The Big Picture

Nik Willetts talks about digital natives.

Agility Wins Races

Daniel Sieberg, author of “The Digital Diet”, and Google exec tells a story about failure.

Openness, Panel Session

A bit about the Hackathon and the openness of systems and the communications ecosystem.

You can access all the TM Forum videos on their Vimeo channel.