A Week of OSS

This week’s interesting telco and tech news, more tenuously related to the world of OSS than ever before.

Off to Barcelona next month for Mobile World Congress? Despite getting bumped out of your hotel booking, despite the two hour taxi queues, and despite the crims preying on unsuspecting business men, many of us in the OSS industry would enjoy a trip down to Catalonia to look at all the new gadgets. Now, you can go guilt-free as MWC has declared itself carbon neutral, reports Pipeline.

Also from Pipeline, a report that RAD and Nakina Systems have successfully deployed an NFV solution in a live network. It looks like a rather niche, point-solution utilising NFV but a step in the right direction none the less.

Oh, what’s NFV you ask? Just ask Ray over at LightReading.

Have you seen Infovista’s YouTube channel? Check  it out for 2014 predictions from Mark Mortensen of Analysys Mason.

On the subject of 2014 predictions, The Guardian does a decent job of explain what’s happening in the world of Big Data…

While The Independent reports that Alcatel-Lucent and BT have “created the fastest ever real-world internet connection… to clock up speeds of 1.4 terabits per second.” I think perhaps the term “real-world” is a bit optimistic. Could I really download 44 films in a second if I had this broadband access? Not with BT’s traffic shaping policies, no.

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