Bits of OSS News

What’s news? Big data of course, Splunk, Ontology talking business, Amdocs’ recent acquisitions apparently considered an ok-move by the financial markets, and Ericsson thinks BSS/OSS is the future.

Everyone’s mad about Big Data this week. It was TM Forum’s Big Data InFocus in Amsterdam this week, where the usual industry folks like Amdocs and IBM talked analytics, along with fashionable, young, trendy, west-coast Splunk who are looking to get in to the telco market a bit more seriously.

I’m not saying Amdocs isn’t, you know, trendy. But Splunk is the younger model.

We’ve also seen pretty much every vendor trotting out some Big Data take on their existing solutions. All because, as LightReading reports:

The market for big data technology and services in the communications sector is set to grow by more than 400% in the next seven years.

Leo Zancani, Ontology Systems’  CTO, is interviewed by Business Technology where he muses about a new world awash with data, including all the “moving parts” this involves. Always nice to see OSS people in the ‘proper’ media.

Amdocs released their Q1 financial results and… sorry I dropped off there. Noteworthy was their expectation that they will marginally out-perform the market’s expectation in the next quarter. Much of this being down to the recent acquisitions of  of Cellcite and Actix. While financial analysts are still so-so about Amdocs share prices,  there is perhaps an unexpected sense of optimism considering some of the recent challenges experienced by other companies in integrating their own acquisitions.

Riverbed, for example, has had a tough time recently, and much of this has been attributed to the disruption and integration effort to bring Opnet in to the product suite. Hardware vendors acquiring software is often too great a cultural shift for both parties involved. In Amdocs’ case though, both Cellcite and Actix are a more natural fit to their CES suite of software products.

Also filed under financial news, the LightReading report on Ericsson’s full-year results highlights the CEO’s belief that OSS/BSS will be a source of revenue growth in the future, thanks to the need for new systems to support LTE and network virtualization.

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