Great Videos to Introduce OSS BSS

Three videos to get you from OSS/BSS zero-to-expert in your lunch break.

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It’s James’ Cartoon Time!

Here is the quickest way to get up to speed on what OSS and BSS means, and how they are relevant to today’s communication services and networks. The best, simplest introductions to OSS/BSS we could find on YouTube and Vimeo.

They are produced by OSS/BSS suppliers so, yes, they are ultimately adverts. But each one gives you a good introduction to the sorts of challenges that OSS/BSS is addressing and the products and solutions which are available.

Ericsson: What is OSS/BSS

Using one of those ubiquitous hand-drawing cartoons Ericsson does an excellent job of covering the scope of OSS/BSS in just 5 minutes.

Comptel: Dynamic OSS

David really needs a shave but he’s enjoying his customer experience too much!

Comach: OSS BSS

Looking at how a product manager called James (no relation) can launch products more easily using Service and Product Catalogs.