OSS News of the Week

Did anything happen in the world during our first proper week back to work? Yes! Cars, managed services and liberal use of exclamation marks! 

Gary Numan once said “Here in my car; I can only receive”. How furious he must be now. Not content with in-car phones, now the cars themselves are smart enough to receive and transmit…. And bill us. At CES this week Amdocs announced that they are providing support systems for  US operator AT&T’s connected car programme.

Ericsson also reminded us that they are involved in a similar programme with safe-but-dull car manufacturer Volvo.

ABI Research pitted network vendors offering managed services against each other, and awarded gold to Ericsson followed by Huawei, Nokia Solutions and Alcatel-Lucent, B/OSS World reports.

TM Forum points out that if you want to go to TMW Management World Nice this year, you’re actually looking to book tickets for “TM Forum Live!”. Yes, with an exclamation mark. Gone, then, is my acronym joke shared with other OSS marketing professionals that TMW stands for Too Much Work. LOLs (to myself).

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