Comptel and Tech Mahindra Partner to Deliver OSS Transformation Projects

Comptel and Tech Mahindra have agreed on a strategic fulfilment solutions partnership which includes a transfer of staff between the companies.

It says here, in the press release:

Comptel will benefit through a strengthened partnership a wider sales channel, increased productivity and secured scalability to deliver large and complex OSS/BSS transformation projects.

This is not just a simple buddying-up that we frequently see between an OSS vendor and SI. The PR goes on:

The arrangement includes a transfer of a pool of UK based people with Comptel’s solution expertise to Tech Mahindra.

It’s not clear from the announcement how many staff will get new business cards, but Steve Hateley, Head of Marketing, clarified for us that this move is intended to seed the Tech Mahindra competency centre with the right skills. He added:

Services revenue remains an important contribution to Comptel’s business, however we feel that with this partnership our ability to deliver high quality products in increasingly complex and large projects will dramatically improve our scale and global reach.

You can read the full press release here.

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