Ericsson Signs-up to OSSii

Following the API license agreement between NSN and Huawei earlier this month, Ericsson has now signed an agreement for multi-vendor interoperability in OSS.

Ericsson was an original signatory of the memorandum of understanding, back in May 2013. These recent steps from Ericsson, Huawei and NSN formalise the cross-licensing of each vendors’ OSS interfaces (APIs) allowing development and certification to proceed.

The announcement notes:

OSSii is promoting competition for network-level OSS systems by reducing the overall integration costs, as well as speeding up the time to market for new services. The licenses will be available to other OSS vendors on reasonable terms and conditions.

That last point is interesting, suggesting that the licensed APIs may be available to OSS vendors not directly involved with OSSii. I would assume this means vendors who are ‘consumers’ of APIs, needing to interface to Ericsson/NSN/Huawei services, but have not API themselves to license.

You can read the full press release from Ericsson, here.