The Guide to Modern OSS Ch1 640x360 v2 Mar2014

The Guide to Modern OSS – What is OSS?

In Chapter One of the Guide to Modern OSS we start at the very beginning: What is OSS and why is it needed?

Getting involved in your first OSS project? Start here. This introduction to OSS assumes you know very little about either telecoms or the systems used to manage the network.

UPDATE – January 2019 – The new, extended Guide to Modern OSS 2019 Edition is now available. Click here to download.

The content of Chapter One includes:

  • What does OSS stand for?
  • The role of OSS
  • The basics of communication networks
  • Managing the network
  • The FCAPS guide to network management
  • Big networks and how OSS can help
  • OSS to the rescue
  • Expert advice

Chapters Two, Three and Four will be released during March and April. If you’d like to receive early PDF copies of these chapters via email, simply sign-up below.

A big thank-you to DonRiver for their support of this project. If you’d like your company to get involved with the next chapters of The Guide, send me an email to learn about the benefits of becoming a Supporting Sponsor.