Ontology Systems Panoramic View of Network Data

Ontology Systems, the semantic search company for enterprise application data, today announces the launch of Intelligent 360 for Network Operators (i360-NetOps), a product to help operators gain a reliable, fast and holistic view of their network across all layers, technologies and vendors.

i360-NetOps helps organisations to carry out network troubleshooting, navigate their infrastructure and the customers that depend on it, handle their change management and track the alignment and quality of the data that describes the network and its services.

i360-NetOps is released alongside the latest version of the Ontology platform – Ontology 4.5 – which focuses on graph and search technology (first seen in Ontology 4.0) to the most pressing data integration problem facing communications providers today: their inability to discern a comprehensive, consistent, up-to-date view of their network across all layers, technologies and vendors from the fragmented and diverse data sources that describe it.

“Two decades after the network revolution of the 1990s, operators continue to struggle with the consequences of not knowing their network: excessive third party costs, slow fault resolution, billing errors, poor customer experience, costly stranded assets and customer retention problems,” says Leo Zancani, CTO, Ontology Systems. “With i360-NetOps, they can gain a 360° view of their network, rapidly and affordably know all their services, implemented across all technologies and vendors, in all network layers and how these services relate to their customers.”

“With 38% of integration projects failing and 65% having zero or negative ROI, gaining a true view of the network has been difficult, slow, expensive and risky in the past,” continues Zancani. “i360-NetOps can be delivered in six to twelve weeks, unlike most data integration projects which often take 12 – 18 months or more.”

This visibility can not only help to reduce SLA breaches, but also reduce customer churn, resolve network faults faster and improve network quality and capacity.

For more information please visit the Ontology i360 page.

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