NetworkMining Announces the Latest Release of Probes

NetworkMining, an independent supplier of IP & optical network mediation software, today announces the latest extension of its probe portfolio. NetworkMining’s probes are pre-integrated adapters towards vendor specific network management systems and devices.

The collected data is further processed, normalized and stored in NetworkMining’s configuration management database.

NetworkMining introduces today MTNM probes for systems supplied by ECI and Huawei. These probes discover network resources via TMF-814 compliant, CORBA based northbound interfaces. The probes interface towards the systems ECI LightSoft and Huawei T2000 & U2000. They support the following technologies: SDH & SONET, DWDM, OTN, Ethernet and IP. The probes have been successfully deployed in several customer projects.

NetworkMining also releases today a generic TMF probe architecture. It provides a robust development framework for TMF compliant probes, including TMF-814 & TMF-854 (MTOSI), while enabling NetworkMining to cope effectively with the variations between vendors. E.g. each vendor chooses a different WDM network data model. NetworkMining’s architecture supports both short time to market and high quality for TMF compliant probes.

Finally, NetworkMining introduces its SNMP probe environment for device based network discovery. This environment uses a configurable network crawler that discovers the full network topology in the absence of upfront address information. Accurate topology information is critical for NetworkMining’s data processing engines, such as multi-layer, multi-vendor incident simulation and root cause analysis. NetworkMining has successfully implemented its SNMP probe environment in networks of multiple vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent and ADVA.

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