Amdocs Selects Dialogic

Amdocs chooses Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS to transition from hardware to software-based media servers.

Dialogic Inc. has announced that Amdocs chose Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS media server to support the delivery of next-gen solutions for communications service providers’ network infrastructure and management systems meeting the ongoing customer demand for virtualization. Using Dialogic’s  PowerMedia XMS, Amdocs is helping mobile service providers integrate software into their capital investments in order to achieve cost savings and streamline the installation process.

Amdocs was looking to help service providers migrate to software-based media server platforms, integrated with the Amdocs Compact Convergence solution, to enable the OPEX and CAPEX savings benefits a software approach provides.  After an extensive search and review process, the company selected Dialogic for unified server support because of its high density media server capacity and numerous deployments in the market. In addition, the Dialogic solution with PowerMedia XMS can be accessed remotely, helping to shorten installation time and facilitating ongoing maintenance.

“It’s all about addressing customers’ need today, and together Dialogic and Amdocs are helping service providers to stay ahead of the competition and do just that with PowerMedia XMS,” said Jim Machi, senior vice president of product management and marketing at Dialogic. “PowerMedia XMS met all of the needs in providing critical media processing capabilities required by IMS-based services such as VoLTE and RCS.  It simplifies and streamlines media processing management by consolidating disparate application server-based media processing into a centralized media server architecture as specified by the 3GPP.”

Communications service providers can quickly plug PowerMedia XMS into their existing networks using its standardized media control interfaces. PowerMedia XMS is 100 percent software-based and supports widely used hypervisors for easy integration into virtualized cloud environments for any-to-any media processing.

“Service providers continue to realize the financial, operational and environmental benefits of software-based solutions, and PowerMedia is the leading software-based media server on the market today,” said Machi. “We’re partnering with companies like Amdocs to ensure service providers can experience a seamless migration from hardware-based solutions to software-based solutions and ultimately virtualization.”

Read the full press release here.

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