Netadmin Systems Announces New Version of NETadmin OSS

Netadmin Systems has announced the latest version of NETadmin OSS. NETadmin 8.7 brings new tools and features that facilitate and streamline the order entry, delivery and service fulfillment process for network owners offering a variety of commercial products in multi-channel order capture environments.

“NETadmin 8.7 takes a giant step toward making the deployment of new products to the market faster and easier than ever. The new NETadmin Order Management module seamlessly streamlines the order entry, delivery and service fulfillment process from your BSS and external channels and makes sure your products get delivered on time,” said Ulf Engstrand, Product Owner of the NETadmin OSS. “We are excited to offer an efficient and quality-assured fulfillment process that allows our customers to focus on business growth, boosting customer lifetime value and reducing customer churn.”

The new version of NETadmin focuses both on the service fulfillment and the service assurance domains, including:

NETadmin Order Management – Streamlines the fulfillment process from all channels by enabling cross-technology product offerings with complete order capturing, service decomposition and automation of technologies and services. It is designed to make the integration between any BSS and NETadmin easy to deploy and to maintain.

NETadmin GeoMaps – Enables powerful visualization of geographical data from NETadmin and external data sources by linking multi-dimensional information together into one view. This facilitates a more efficient decision making process and better information sharing between users and teams.

Custom Objects – Enhanced support for Custom Objects, which makes it possible to extend the NETadmin data model by adding new attributes or defining entire new data structures in a standardized and reliable way. The new version of Custom Objects comes with full CRUD support through all interfaces, including import/export capabilities, which facilitates – and reduces the effort for – development and maintenance of adaptions and add-on features.

Address System Updates – New address fields have been introduced to support the large variety of address formats and standards found in different countries. The new address update is based on TMForum standards and our experience of delivering NETadmin in more than 15 countries worldwide.

New IPv4 Subnetting – Simplifies IPv4 documentation and address allocation through new interfaces that are easy to learn and facilitate creation of subnets. This is one of many usability and efficiency improvements delivered in the new release.

GUI Enhancements and Performance – This release adds scalability and performance improvements in several areas, including database optimization, in service provisioning and through user interface enhancements. Through new technologies, such as ASP .NET MVC 5, .NET Framework 4.5, JQuery and Web Sockets, the new version provides better performance and usability than any previous version.

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