Ericsson Reminds Us Just How Long Ago the 90s Were

In 4 new videos, Ericsson demonstrates how far technology has come since the mid-1990s.

Personally I miss the days of browsing my local DVD rentals shop, chatting to the staff about what’s hot and what’s not. Then again, Peppa Pig and Pocoyo on tap, instantly available to distract a toddler is… well… I don’t know how my parents coped.

This I don’t miss. Those encyclopaedias looked great on the shelf, but how often did you use them?

In From Writing Back to Swiping Right, a chap tries to bag a date with a girl out of his league (memories of the Amdocs teenage romance series come flooding back). Also, I want his 1990s shades.

And finally, from illegal tape-to-tape music duplication for your beau, to instant, DRM enforced, subscription pricing, social sharing.

Thank you Ericsson. We all feel a little bit old….