NetCracker 10 Suite Eliminates Network Migration Risks

NetCracker Technology has announced the launch of its latest product suite, NetCracker 10, which combines capabilities in virtualization, cloud-based delivery of applications, embedded analytics and biometrics onto a single, unified platform.

Using its single-platform approach across network, service and customer domains, NetCracker 10 enables communications service providers to migrate seamlessly from existing environments to the next generation of virtualized networks and IT infrastructure.

The capabilities incorporated in the NetCracker 10 suite have demonstrated numerous financial and operational improvements including: up to 40 percent reduction in total cost of ownership; more than 30 percent increase in infrastructure utilization; up to 30 percent increase in net promoter score.

NetCracker 10 product highlights include:

Single platform across physical and virtual network and IT infrastructure: NetCracker 10’s single-platform approach enables service providers to address all infrastructure changes and all resource allocation requests in a distributed environment consisting of multiple data centers and points of presence.

End-to-end service and network orchestration: The NetCracker 10 orchestration solution combines deep-rooted networking and IT expertise and supports large-scale, unique system integration capabilities, enabling providers to deliver personalized services faster and apply an agile DevOps approach to service modeling.

Embedded analytics across network, service and customer layers: NetCracker 10’s big data analytics component helps increase network planning accuracy by up to 40 percent, increase effectiveness of personalized campaigns by 30 percent and reduce churn by up to 15 percent.*

Smart location of virtual infrastructure: NetCracker 10 allows service providers to use embedded intelligence and analytics in order to optimize the deployment of virtual functions over servers distributed across the whole network. This reduces unnecessary traffic hops and re-routing and delivers better user experience through proactive network intelligence. It also accurately models projected service demand, optimizes capacity for trending events and aligns demographic requirements with application performance.

Biometrics-enabled customer experience management: NetCracker 10 focuses on humanizing the customer experience. Beyond the traditional data sources, such as network, service and device, NetCracker’s solution leverages unstructured data from social networks as well as various dimensions of biometric data, including facial recognition, fingerprinting, voice measurement and more, to provide the most comprehensive CEM solution in the communications industry.

Cloud platform for hosted applications: NetCracker 10’s cloud platform empowers service providers with the ability to build a flexible, open ecosystem that can support innovative business models and a variety of partnerships.

Virtualized functions, management and infrastructure: New to NetCracker 10 is a proven, field-deployable suite of virtual network functions, management and infrastructure solutions combining leading innovation from NetCracker and its parent company, NEC. With these solutions, operators can build and deploy virtualized networks in an open ecosystem, leveraging technologies from NEC, NetCracker and a wide range of third-party partners.

“Extreme competition in the communications marketplace has forced operators to deliver and differentiate their offerings with superior customer experience. Advanced analytics and biometrics-driven CEM solutions will help operators humanize their customer experience initiatives and deliver expected levels of customer experience,” said Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director at 451 Research. “NetCracker 10’s CEM solution, which seamlessly brings together advanced analytics, big data and biometrics, will help operators transform their customer experience programs.”

“As service providers make the transition from network virtualization trials to commercial deployments, they require vendors to demonstrate the business value of a wide range of solutions, including network and service orchestration, control and infrastructure, and how physical and virtual networks will coexist,” said Dana Cooperson, Research Director at Analysys Mason. “NetCracker 10 is an example of a flexible, comprehensive, pre-integrated platform from which communications service providers can design, deliver and monetize classic and new digital economy services in a hybrid environment.”

“We are thrilled to announce NetCracker 10, the next generation of our highly sophisticated end-to-end product suite, which redefines some of the fundamental economics around network and IT, operations, deployment, customer retention and service creation,” said Sanjay Mewada, Vice President of Strategy at NetCracker. “As service providers prepare for the inevitable shift from physical to hybrid to virtualized infrastructure and offerings, NetCracker 10 lays the foundation for a risk-free and seamless migration, ushering in the next wave of innovation.”

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