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EdgeGenie Orchestrator – OpenDayLight for Hybrid SDN and Carrier Ethernet Device Management

Telco Systems, the leading provider of innovative SDN & NFV and multi-service Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and MPLS edge solutions, today announced the release of the expanded industry-leading EdgeGenie Orchestrator advanced network management system. EdgeGenie Orchestrator with the embedded OpenDayLight controller now supports OpenFlow SDN devices. EdgeGenie Orchestrator now supports the OpenStack NFV controller as well.

EdgeGenie Orchestrator is Telco Systems’ comprehensive platform for end-to-end management across the entire service provider network which today is often composed of legacy, Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 and Software-Defined Networking (SDN)/Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). In a unified operation, Ethernet or MPLS service is provisioned across any type of device with the assignment of a VNF (Virtual Network Function) if applicable. It provides a complete solution for the full life cycle of network deployment, from planning to managing, monitoring and maintaining network services. In addition to support for the latest release of OpenDayLight, EdgeGenie also supports NFV orchestration utilizing OpenStack customized management. Service providers can use EdgeGenie to efficiently provision all of their network devices including Ethernet, CE 2.0, MPLS, and SDN/NFV.

Software-Defined Networking utilizes OpenFlow, the most popular SDN protocol, to tell network devices where to send data packets. With OpenFlow, packet-routing decisions are centralized, so that the network can be programmed independently of vendor-specific switches. OpenDaylight is the device management module of OpenFlow and its latest release is called “Helium”.

EdgeGenie Orchestrator’s support for Helium enables service providers to take full advantage of SDN and NFV for networks of any size and scale, as well as Helium’s capabilities of high availability, clustering, security and many tools for Service Function Chaining.

“Today, service provider networks are adopting and expanding both Carrier Ethernet and SDN/NFV technologies,” stated Moshe Shimon, Telco Systems’ VP of Product Line Management and Marketing. “They need a comprehensive management system that enables them to seamlessly manage their networks in transition. EdgeGenie Orchestrator helps service providers operate and transition their networks, and remain in complete control.”

Telco Systems will be demonstrating EdgeGenie Orchestrator at Light Reading’s Big Telecom Event in Chicago on June 9th.

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