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Ontology Systems Enhances Telekom Malaysia’s Operations

The deployment of Ontology Systems’ Intelligent 360 solution enables TM to have a singular, reconciled view of the entire network, providing a connected visual topology of the core fibre and distribution networks, associated services and customers as a single trustworthy source.

Benedict Enweani, Ontology CEO commented: “We are excited to empower TM in realising its 1-NetView to enable a single view of its entire network system. 1-NetView is a visionary and ambitious project. It would be the pride of any operator, and we are deeply grateful to TM for giving us the opportunity to deliver a foundation tool. TM’s empowering ethos has made it possible to innovate on a grand scale. Our corporate priority is now to invest in Malaysia as an ASEAN centre of excellence.”

“We are indeed very happy to see that 1-NetView is already gaining traction across wider user groups within TM and ultimately it willenable TM’s end customers to experience the benefit of this empowering capability first hand. The innovative system enables rapid determination of fault impacts, simplification of lengthy process and faster correction of conflicting infrastructure data which negatively impacts both operations efficiency and customer satisfaction,” Benedict added.

Giorgio Migliarina, TM Chief Technology and Innovation Officer commented: “Our choice of Ontology for 1-NetView was based on the insight that joining up our many sources of network and customer data to obtain a trustworthy, dynamic, end-to-end topology would require innovative technology and a fresh approach.”

“Ontology’s graph-data and semantic modelling technology provides the flexibility needed to deal with our wide range of data sources.It also enables a disciplined, agile approach to solution delivery with weekly progress that includes and enthuses end-users and management. The implementation of 1-NetView will enable us to improve our operational efficiencies by the simplification of processes in provisioning and customer care, thus enhancing customers’ overall experience with our services. This is in line with ouraspirations of ‘Making Life and Business Easier’ for our customers,” Giorgio elaborated.

The second phase only took 12 weeks to incorporate the distribution network. It builds on the 8 week initial deployment of 1-Netview, which enabled fibre core service impact analysis for enterprise customers and services. It is worth noting that both phases were delivered on-time and on-budget through the collaboration.

A final phase of the project, to incorporate access network technologies and services, is now underway. This will complete the end-to-end (E2E) coverage of the solution and is scheduled to complete well before year end.

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