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SG Expands Relationship with Canada’s WIND Mobile

CSG International has announced that WIND Mobile, Canada’s fourth largest carrier, will add Singleview Commerce Engine to its existing CSG revenue management solutions.

The addition of this solution will enable WIND to leverage a single platform to offer pre-paid and post-paid payment models as well as real-time rating and charging, enabling true service convergence across all offered services.

“Our customer-centered focus is shared by CSG and together we will revolutionize our customer experience, offering full management of service options across multiple customer care channels,” said WIND executive vice-president Brian O’Shaughnessy. “Having one single platform will allow us to launch services faster, decrease maintenance costs and allow fast integration with LTE, WiFi calling and future product enhancements as we grow our business and deliver on our vision.”

CSG’s solutions are the foundation of WIND Mobile’s BSS/OSS following a swift implementation in 2009. The addition of Singleview Commerce Engine will allow WIND to replace legacy functions on the network side as it transforms its network assets.

“We have worked closely with WIND since the beginning to deliver an OSS/BSS infrastructure that supports their mission and goals,” said Larry Barker, senior vice president, CSG Americas. “This latest expansion underscores our commitment to WIND and the Canadian market to provide a superior mobile service experience.”

Via Business Wire.

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