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Kind of a Big Deal

Did you think the days when OSS/BSS ‘transformation’ projects worth tens of millions of dollars were over. No. Not by a long way.

VanillaPlus reports that Ericsson has recently secured an IT software partnership with Vimplecom worth one billion dollars.

One Beeellion Dollars

One Beeellion Dollars

The partnership encompasses a complete overhaul of VimpelCom’s IT infrastructure across 11 countries and 12 time zones – on a scale that is the largest and most ambitious in the industry’s history.  VimpelCom will digitalize and globalize its Business Support Systems (BSS) infrastructure using Ericsson’s new software and cloud technologies.

Jean-Yves Charlier, Chief Executive Officer of VimpelCom, said: “This marks a fundamental milestone in our transformation as we move ahead with our strategy to turn VimpelCom into a true digital pioneer. The new Digital Stack will help us better respond to our customers while also centralizing and simplifying our business, creating lean and agile operations that will result in a more efficient cost structure across our global footprint.”

VimpelCom asserts their IT systems management will become smarter, simpler and more future-ready. In addition to a significant reduction in operating costs, the improved technology structure will enable VimpelCom to fast-track its digital innovation strategy, particularly in the areas of mobile entertainment, communication, the Internet of Things, and mobile financial services.

Yogesh Malik, Group Chief Technology Officer of VimpelCom, said: “The future is about being real-time, customizing our offerings, and making them relevant and engaging for our customers as they navigate the digital world. This technology shift is a huge leap forward for VimpelCom and forms part of our strategy to transform into an agile business that understands our customers and answers their digital needs. Only by investing in the latest technology and going fully digital will we be able to provide these innovative and competitive services across the Group. Additionally, the pioneering Digital Stack technology will allow us to deliver new digital services that will be enabled by future networks, including 4G LTE and beyond.”

Via VanillaPlus.

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