SDN NFV 640x360 24Sep2015

Ericsson Launches Dynamic Orchestration for Virtualizing Things

“The opportunities offered by virtualization are significant, but due to the complexity, many operators are taking an incremental step-by-step approach to get there…” reports on Ericsson’s launch of a solution for end-to-end orchestration of services for hybrid networks and virtualizing the network ‘at scale’.

Ericsson’s Dynamic Orchestration certainly covers a lot of ground, but are not entirely clear exactly what ground that is:

“These are bold claims. The move to virtualized and software-based networks has been protracted and fraught, with the light at the end of the tunnel still distant. Ericsson seems to be saying this solution can go a long way towards making the various components of this process play nice with each other, which would certainly be welcome if it delivers.”


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