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Ericsson to Buy CENX

Ericsson has announced their intention to acquire CENX, boosting Ericsson’s OSS portfolio with service assurance and closed-loop automation capabilities.

Ericsson hopes their existing NFV and orchestration capabilities will be further enhanced with CENX’s closed-loop automation and service assurance capabilities.

Mats Karlsson, Head of Solution Area OSS, Ericsson, said: “Dynamic orchestration is crucial in 5G-ready virtualized networks. By bringing CENX into Ericsson, we can continue to build upon the strong competitive advantage we have started as partners.”

Karlsson added, “I look forward to meeting and welcoming our new colleagues into Ericsson.” Which is nice.

Closed-loop automation ensures Ericsson can offer its service provider customers an orchestration solution that is optimised for 5G use cases like network slicing, taking full advantage of Ericsson’s distributed cloud offering. Ericsson’s global sales and delivery presence – along with its strong R&D – will also create economies of scale in the CENX portfolio and help Ericsson to offer in-house solutions for OSS automation and assurance.

Ed Kennedy CEO, CENX says: “Ericsson has been a great partner – and for us to take the step to fully join Ericsson gives us the best possible worldwide platform to realize CENX’s ultimate goal – autonomous networking for all. Our closed-loop service assurance automation capability complements Ericsson’s existing portfolio very well.”

Ericsson has held a minority stake in CENX since 2012.

The acquisition price has not been disclosed.

Via Ericsson.

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