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AI ML Blockchain – We Don’t Know What We’re Talking About

HIS Markit report on a mix of the coolest buzzwords in telco, and they think we need their help.

In a report analysing a broad range of emerging technologies, IHS Markit’s Michael Howard, senior research director of carrier networks, notes…

“Blockchain is even less understood by the telecommunications industry than AI and ML, since most public discussions around it have been in regards to cryptocurrencies.”

Once I’d looked up what AI and ML are, I felt quite patronised. But clearly we all need to buy this new report…

There’s many good primers on these technologies available from non-telco-specific sources (or, of course, the very-specific Guide to Modern OSS), but it’s still good to see some relevant research:

“Despite the optimism, it’s early days for AI, ML and blockchain…

IHS Markit’s survey of 25 telecom operators found that 68% of them had started to investigate AI and ML for their businesses, while 56% had begun lab testing of those types of solutions. On the other hand, 24% already have between three and five targeted use cases in production deployment.”

Stats that paint a picture of underwhelming adoption of the latest technology.

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