AI and ML Mar19

Humans are Welcome in Colt’s A.I. Future

“No full automation” anytime soon.

Iain Morris of LightReading reports on a recent update from Colt on their recent A.I. trials.

“The update… comes amid growing concern about the impact of artificial intelligence on the telecom workforce and follows a series of AI trials, or proofs of concept, that Colt ran under its Sentio initiative, starting in the third quarter of 2018.”

But Colt’s human OSS staff remain the masters for now, with trials concluding that humans will stay in the loop for “quite some time”.

Colt kicked-off proof of concepts in four areas:

  • Fault prediction
  • Traffic prediction and design optimization
  • Anomaly detection
  • Machine translation

As part of these project, Colt worked with OSS and network vendors Ciena, Aria Networks, Cisco and Kx.

Read more at LightReading.

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