Winning2 Mar19

Amdocs Network Virtualization Selected by VodafoneZiggo

Amdocs has announced that it will provide VodafoneZiggo with its NFV solution to enable Dutch enterprises to design, deploy and monitor virtual cloud networks on-demand.

Amdocs will provide VodafoneZiggo with an agile, feature-rich solution set for enterprise customers to create their own virtual private networks, with the ability to add-on future functionality including security and other enterprise applications, all managed in the cloud by Amdocs. This can be scaled and provisioned immediately and cost-effectively, so VodafoneZiggo’s enterprise customers will be able to rapidly spin up innovative services and utilize cloud infrastructure resources more efficiently.

“VodafoneZiggo, is focused on building the network of the future,” said Matthias Sauder, director, Mobile Networks at VodafoneZiggo. “We are aggressively driving network virtualization and service innovation across our infrastructure, and Amdocs’ NFV solution will help us ensure our customers can introduce and deliver new communications services rapidly and cost-effectively.”

As part of the project, VodafoneZiggo will reduce network total cost of ownership by avoiding costly on-premises hardware and moving to a single virtual capability located in VodafoneZiggo’s NFV cloud data center, which is capable of handling parallel sessions for multiple enterprise Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).  Amdocs will introduce a new network and service orchestration and automation layer, by delivering its NFV Orchestrator (NFVO) and Generic Virtual Network Function Manager (G-VNFM), which will handle the automation of VodafoneZiggo’s service lifecycle management, based on KPIs and policy – from service onboarding, policy definition and order management, through to service fulfilment and resource management, all the way to ongoing operations and assurance.

Via Amdocs.

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