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Blue Planet Unveils Disruptive Inventory Automation Solution

Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, has announced a new intelligent automation solution that gives service providers a unified view of network and service inventory, helping to eliminate costly and tedious manual processes.

The new Blue Planet INS solution reduces order-to-service fallout by up to 40% and speeds up the trouble-to-resolve process by up to 30%, according to Blue Planet estimates based on customer data.

Ensuring greater alignment across IT and network operations, INS helps service providers realize the vision of a network that can quickly adapt to ever-changing end user demands, driving greater efficiencies and faster time-to-market for 5G, video, IoT and more.

According to Analysys Mason, many top tier service providers report only 70% accuracy in their inventory systems and as a result, this causes high service order error rates, slow fulfillment, and inefficient use of network assets.

INS tackles this challenge head-on by providing a dynamic view of network assets and services across Layer 0 to 3. Engineered specifically to synchronize resources with operational support systems (OSS), INS proactively discovers network equipment, federates OSS/BSS data into a unified view, and reconciles discrepancies to show how assets are being utilized.

The solution can interface with OSS and other management systems without significant disruption to current business operations, ensuring openness and reducing vendor lock-in while also enabling automation of holistic business processes. Additionally, with INS’ flexible policy engine service providers can program the network to adapt and take specific actions when a change in inventory is detected, thus simplifying and accelerating the reconciliation process.

Via Blue Planet.

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