Directory FAQ

Which Directory Should I List my Business in?

The Supplier & Services Directory is for businesses that offer OSS/BSS software or hardware products for use by service providers, and businesses offering any type of service relating to OSS/BSS. Services typically include system integration and consultancy services used by telcos, and can also include services offered to OSS/BSS suppliers such as recruitment or marketing. In all cases the key requirement is that the company must be actively selling OSS/BSS-specific products or services.

The Event Directory lists event including trade shows, user groups and webinars. Many ‘generic’ telco trade shows are of interest to OSS/BSS professionals and are therefore listed in this Directory. Webinars and smaller shows on more specific topics must have a clear and obvious OSS/BSS component to be listed in the Event Directory.

OSS Line will evaluate all submissionsto the Directory to ensure they feature in the correct section and will refuse submissions that are from companies not actively involved in OSS/BSS.

What does a Standard Directory Listing give me?

This is what a Standard Directory Listing looks like: Click me.

Your Company/Event Name. Your name will be listed in alphabetical order within the Directory.

Website and Social Media Links. Links directly to your website and any social media services you use such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

80 Word Profile. A description of your company or event. This is plain text.

What does a Featured Directory Listing give me?

A Featured Directory Listing looks like this: Click me.

Featured Directory Listings enjoy the following additional benefits for a period of 12 months:

140 Word Profile. More space to describe your company/event. This is plain text.

Company/Event Logo. Your logo shown next to your profile. The logo will provide a link to your main website address.

Logo at the top of the Directory Page. Your logo will be featured right at the top of the Directory page offering the greatest exposure to your company. This logo will link to your full Directory Listing.

Products/Services Links (Supplier & Services Listings) or Topic/Track-Session Links (Event Listings). An additional row of links below the website and social media links. You can include up to six titles and links for these.

These links make it easier for users of the directory to see exactly what you are offering, so pick links that reflect what the user may be looking for. For example, use a common term like Service Assurance for the link text, rather than a brand name like ServicextremePlus. For events, you might want to have a link saying Securing Cloud Services, with a link to the speaker.

Link text should be 2-3 words, less than 25 characters each.

Link URLs must be directly to one of your web pages that provides more detail about product, service or event. We will not acceptable multiple links to the same URL.

2 Months Advert  (Event Directory only). We will display your Event logo in a side-bar position on the OSS Line home page and Event Directory for up to two months before the events. The advert will link to your Event Directory Listing.

Priority Processing. We review every directory submission to ensure its relevant to our audience and to check the validity of the details provided. This takes time.

A Standard Directory Listing can take up to two weeks to process at busy times.

We will prioritise Featured Directory Listing submissions with the aim to get them ready for your approval within 3 business days.

Unlimited Edits. Products are launched and marketing themes change in the period of 12 months. If your Directory Listing needs to be updated we will give it the same priority treatment as a new listing.

Why are Event Listings for ‘up to’ 12 Months

It depends how early the Listing is supplied by you. We will include the listing for at least 3 months after the event, but may then remove it at OSS Line’s discretion. Therefore, if you list an event with OSS Line 3 months before the event, it will be on display for only 6 months in total.

The sooner you list the event the longer it will be displayed in the Event Directory.

How/When will I be charged for Featured Directory Listings?

Once the Directory Listing has been checked and uploaded by us, we will send you a draft copy for approval along with an invoice for the full submission cost.

Invoices must be paid on-line using credit card. We use Pay Pal for Business to issue the invoices and enable credit card payment.

Full payment must be received before the Directory Listing is published.

Once you have OK-ed the draft Listing and completed payment, the listing will go live.

Can I modify a submitted Directory Listing?

Featured Directory listings include unlimited edits during the 12 month period.

We can make minor corrections to Standard Listings at no cost. Simply send a note via the OSS Line contact form.

For major changes to Standard Listings, such as new profile text and changes to links, it will require the Listing to be checked and approved again. This requires a full re-submission and should be carried out via the online submission form.

Can I upgrade my Directory Listing?


If you currently have a Standard Directory Listing, simply resubmit your details and content, selecting the Featured Directory Listing choice.

Do you list companies that have not made their own submission to the Directory?

Yes. We want the Directory to be complete so we will add companies that have been researched by OSS Line. The company profile may be our own description or a ‘copyright fair-use’ excerpt from the company’s own publicity material. These will usually appear as Standard Listing style.

If a company subsequently makes their own successful submission to the directory, we will replace our researched content.

Can I have a Directory Listing removed?

If you wish to remove your company entirely from the directory please use the online contact form.

This request must come from a senior (VP, Director) member of the marketing staff, company legal counsel, or a company EVP/SVP/CxO.

We will make reasonable effort to remove the Directory Listing within 2 weeks.

No part-refunds will be made if you request the take-down of a Directory Listing within the 12 month period.

What happens to Featured Directory Listings after 12-months?

If you haven’t already renewed your listing online we will contact you.

If you choose not to renew the listing for another 12 months, or we can’t contact you, the listing will revert to a Standard Directory Listing or may be removed entirely at the discretion of OSS line.

Does the Directory use ‘no-follow’ links?

No. All links from all types of Directory Listing are normal links.

Can I specify link anchor text?

Featured Directory Listings give you the option to specify link anchor text for specific products, services and event sessions, with these links being short two-or-three word text of your own specification.

The Standard Directory Listing does not give you any link anchor text options.

All links and link anchor text must meet the quality standards described in the website’s terms of use.