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Oracle Database In-Memory – Why it Matters

OSS/BSS vendors have been saying for years that there is value in the transactional data their applications store. But so far analysing that data has not been easy nor affordable for many users unwilling to invest in the significant cost of buying add-on data warehousing or Big Data products. This month, Oracle Database In-Memory is […]

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iCloud and The Death of the Asynchronous Network Model

Something else to blame on the over-the-top service providers (yes, those guys who actually make money from comms). New Cloud services are breaking the content-consumption model that ADSL, and network planning in general, is predicated on. iCloud is not the first Cloud service to be sold to consumers. But, like so many things from Apple, […]

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Edgeware – Enabling Next-Next-Gen OSS

"Edgeware: Application managing a layer of APIs and services which allow third-parties to interact with communication service providers business and operations support systems. A key infrastructure element for enabling the Telco 2.0 business model." Sounds convincing, but what exactly is it? Yet to be determined…

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The Top-5 OSS/BSS Integration Things

Back, oooh, ages ago, I wrote about the top five OSS platform architecture things. Those where things (issues, concerns, designs, e.t.c.) that needed to be considered when delivering a new OSS product or project to ensure scalability and performance. Rarely does a new OSS application live in isolation. Integration with other systems in the OSS […]

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Yoof Technology – Why The Old Still Own OSS

All those cool technologies out there, I wonder how any young developer will have space for them on their two-page curriculum vitae. And it’s not just the quantity, it’s the names. Languages, operating systems and middleware used to have nice short names and acronyms. Concise, optimised, no more than four characters long. But now we […]

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Top 5 OSS Platform Architecture ‘Things’

A little while ago, following someone’s good advice, I produced a one-page flyer/data-sheet/brochure outlining how I can help OSS vendors and customers with their platform architecture designs. Check it out. Offering my services as an independent consultant it’s good to have a niche; something only I and a few other people can offer. A rare combination of more common skills […]

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