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Big Data for Telco – Where is the Data?

If you’ve worked in OSS for more than 5 minutes you know that data, the availability of it, and its accuracy, is a bit of a thing. So, if you’re thinking about ‘doing’ some big data as part of an OSS or BSS project what data related challenges are you likely to face, and what […]

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Coming Up: Telco Big Data Summit 2012

I’m jolly excited to be heading to Informa’s Telco Big Data and Real Time Analytics Summit next week. It says here: “Cutting through the hype, the Telco Big Data and Real Time Analytics Summit will bring the telecommunications industry together to discuss data management best practice and strategy – debating when, where, how and why…” It’s […]

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Zoomlar Beta Launched

Zoomlar – Easy-to-use spreadsheet analytics for forecasting trends and predicting outcomes. A bit of news from my day job: I have been busy over the last three months preparing for the launch of a re-branded, re-packaged product aimed at SME, academics, government and utilities. It takes the clever software we've been using in telco OSS […]

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Beautiful Graphs = Fascinating Data

Last week I was with an friend and ex-colleague, attending his leaving drinks, discussing what we both learnt while working for a large BSS/OSS company, compared to the start-up we had originally joined. One of my ‘learnings’ (urgh) was the significance of how data is presented differently to professional managers rather than start-up propeller-heads. Propeller-heads […]

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