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OSSii 640x360 Aug2015

Ericsson, Cisco and Tektronix Sign OSSii Agreements

Ericsson has signed license agreements with both Cisco Systems and Tektronix Communications, under which Ericsson will license its OSS interfaces for integration with Cisco self-optimizing network (SON) products and Tektronix Communications TrueCall geoanalytics platform. (more…)

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Is Cisco Going Soft?

With Cisco due to announce its business strategy this month, Mitch Wagner at LightReading speculates that a radical shift to software is on the cards. How can a traditional box-shifter like Cisco achieve such a transformation? (more…)

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Cisco Acquires Tail-F for $175 Million

Cisco has announced their acquisition of Tail-F, snapping up their standards-based network management and configuration capabilities. The news is met with a mix of cautious optimism that Cisco is embracing industry standards, and uncertainty whether Tail-F solutions will remain vendor agnostic. (more…)

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Cisco to Buy Cariden

It seems like most of my posts these days are about hardware vendors buying software vendors. Here’s another acquisition in the OSS industry’s (not so mini) acquisition bubble. Cisco is buying Cariden for $141 million. Cariden is a small organisation focused on IP/MPLS network planning, a few tens of employees, and revenues estimated to be […]

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Cisco Buys Bits of Comptel

This is not the clear-cut Big-Vendor-Buys-OSS-Company that we are familiar with. No, in this case Cisco is acquiring a specific part of Comptel’s OSS product portfolio: The Axioss suite picked up as part of Comptel’s own acquisition of UK-based Axiom back in 2008.

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