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Comptel Acquires Xtract

More evidence that OSS/BSS vendors and their customers are starting to really appreciate data analytics. Comptel has announced its acquisition of Xtract (here), supplier of analytics products for telco (and retail/banking too). The price paid by Comptel is modest to say the least: 3.1 million Euros paid, for Xtract's last year revenues of 2.4 million […]

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Cisco Buys Bits of Comptel

This is not the clear-cut Big-Vendor-Buys-OSS-Company that we are familiar with. No, in this case Cisco is acquiring a specific part of Comptel’s OSS product portfolio: The Axioss suite picked up as part of Comptel’s own acquisition of UK-based Axiom back in 2008.

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Comptel Real-Time OSS Benchmark with IBM

Comptel this week issued a PR about their recent benchmark results with IBM. It's a bit different from the Cramer OSS benchmark I wrote about a few weeks back when looking at a new BSS benchmark, also on IBM kit. For starters, Comptel's transactions are more billing and mediation than service design and provisioning. Secondly, […]

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