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SDN NFV 640x360 24Sep2015

5G Orchestration

“As early as 2014, Axel Clauberg at Deutsche Telekom, coined the phrase ‘zoo of orchestrators’ to describe the mish-mash of management systems vendors were pushing to manage their siloed NFV solutions…. Fast forward to 2018 and these issues have still not been entirely resolved.” (more…)

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Is Cisco Going Soft?

With Cisco due to announce its business strategy this month, Mitch Wagner at LightReading speculates that a radical shift to software is on the cards. How can a traditional box-shifter like Cisco achieve such a transformation? (more…)

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What Are You Worth?

LightReading have published their annual salary survey for the telco industry. “Things are finally looking up in the telecom market, with employees upbeat about their jobs, salaries and prospects.” so says Senior Editor Sarah Reedy. So is now the right time to ask for a raise…? (more…)

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Cisco Acquires Tail-F for $175 Million

Cisco has announced their acquisition of Tail-F, snapping up their standards-based network management and configuration capabilities. The news is met with a mix of cautious optimism that Cisco is embracing industry standards, and uncertainty whether Tail-F solutions will remain vendor agnostic. (more…)

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