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Definition of CEX Aug2014

Unlocking the Real Value of SDN/NFV

In her article Unlocking the Real Value of SDN/NFV, Jennifer Faulkner, Oracle’s Director of Business Services Solutions, considers the need for flexible OSS/BSS to enable software defined networking. (more…)

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NetCracker Does SDN and NFV

You can’t turn around at #TMFLIVE without tripping over a Big Data, SDN or NFV announcement. OSS loves new tech. And here’s NetCracker Technology introducing its new Service and Network Orchestrator solution for SDN/NFV, part of the NetCracker 9 suite. This new solution enables communications service providers (CSPs) to address the complexities associated with managing and […]

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More SDN, More Network Design

A recent post in a LinkedIn forum asked whether the introduction of SDN would signal the end for network designers. Can the centralised intelligence of the SDN controller render slow, fallible, human planners and designers obsolete? (more…)

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OSS New Image 640x360 Feb2014

Is it Time for OSS to have a New Image?

Big Data, SDN,  Cloud: All the buzzwords that seem to generate the most excitement in the world of communications today. What two things do they all have in common? They’re all re-brands of well established ideas, and they’re all . (more…)

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