The Guide to Modern OSS

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Is Cisco Going Soft?

With Cisco due to announce its business strategy this month, Mitch Wagner at LightReading speculates that a radical shift to software is on the cards. How can a traditional box-shifter like Cisco achieve such a transformation?

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C Spire Selects Centina Systems for Strategic Service Assurance

Centina Systems, a leading provider in service assurance analytics and network performance management solutions for CSPs worldwide, has announced that C Spire will deploy its NetOmnia suite of solutions for service assurance. This will include real-time end-to-end network visibility for improved troubleshooting and problem resolution.

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Comptel Wins at Telefonica Chile

Comptel’s new fulfillment deal is a part of the Telefonica de Chile Quad-Play transformation project that will enable improved customer experience for integrated wireline, wireless, Internet and TV services.

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NetworkMining Releases Reconciliation Software

NetworkMining, an independent supplier of IP & optical network mediation software, today announces the latest extension of its network reconciliation software. NetworkMining’s software now also supports reconciliation between actual and planned/authorized network configurations.

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Orga Systems Asks: Why Blog?

In a post announcing their new corporate blog, Andreas Freund, Orga Systems’ VP Marketing, asks why have a blog at all? As an industry blogger myself, of course I have an opinion…

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Telco Systems Releases EdgeGenie Orchestrator and Virtualized TelcoApps

Telco Systems, provider of SDN & NFV and multi-service Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and MPLS edge access solutions, has announced the launch of three new SDN/NFV products, EdgeGenie Orchestrator, vSMU TelcoApp and vTunnel TelcoApp. The new products will help telecommunication service providers to transition smoothly to dynamic, optimized, and cost-effective IT-aware networks.

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